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Real estate practice is always our core non-litigation practice. Over the years, we had set up a professional and strong team in RED, and obtained the leading place of real estate practice in Dongguan. We are sure we are able to provide better and better legal services to more and more Kingda clients.

[Expertise and Focus]
*Growth-oriented management and departmentalized services
We adhere to a business model that helps in our expansion and development effort. Kingda divides its organization into specialized departments that have their particular practice focuses. RED assures highly professional and quality legal services are provided to our clients by:
A. Making a reasonable division of our departmental practices based on the characteristics of the practices and sharing our resources to make the most of it;
B. Developing an effective training system to all personnel who are involved in Kingda real estate practices;
C. Further dividing the specialized practices of our department according to the type of the practice, specialized teams focus on specialized practices.

*One-stop legal services
We had designed professional service schemes for different clients to provide one-stop legal services by taking advantage of our firm’s departmentalized work model.
Land transfer      Project development     Financial assistance    Real estate sales
Property title acquisition      Property management      Dispute resolution
Kingda has specialized practice departments, including Project Practice Department, Legal Counseling Department, Real Estate Department and Litigation Practice Department, to provide continued, professional legal services at different stages. This will make the business of our clients easier to develop and safer from various risks.

*Advantage of information
We keep a good relationship with property-related government departments and other partners to ensure our edge in expedite processing;
Our good relationship with our partners also ensures smooth flow of inside information so that we are always sensitive to related policy changes. This ensures that we can act proactively and catch the ball before the bound;
We can resolve difficult problems effectively by taking advantages of our diverse partners’ resources.

[ Key Practices]:
*Incorporation of company for real estate development
*Legal consulting for real estate project development
*Financing assistance for real estate development
*Legal services in various stages of real estate sales
*Title confirmation and acquisition of property title
* Legal services and financing assistance for secondary real estate
*Specific legal counseling in property management

*Highly qualified staff
RED has a pool of talented professionals. It is these highly qualified and skilled professionals that ensure we provide our clients with high quality professional legal services and defend our clients’ lawful interests.

*Professional experience
RED has a team with rich experience in the real estate law practice and we make sure our teammates are timely trained to keep them current with new developments and to complement their existing knowledge through efficient training programs.

*Wide spectrum of partners
Long-term cooperation with our partners enables us to maintain a good relationship with various government departments including construction department, property management department, notary office, banks and mortgage institutions. This makes it possible for use to provide more comprehensive, timely and professional legal services.

*Large market share
Now more and more customers put their trust and support on our real estate legal services. Our growing market share places us as a leader of the real estate legal practice among the law firms in Dongguan.
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