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The accounting technology department is founded by a number of experienced Certified Public Accountants、Certified Tax Agents,personnel with professional accounting qualifications and senior lawyers who are reliable and professional with extensive and intensive knowledge of accounting, tax, business management and law etc., and abundant experience as well as good professional morality.

[ Key Practices]:
(Statutory reports issued by qualified organization)

[To agent engagement of accounting]:
To establish accounting, bookkeeping, prepare financial statements, tax declaration and clean up previous accounting etc.
Auditing Practices
1. To censor financial report of enterprises and issue auditing report;
2. To handle audit practice of enterprise merging, separation and liquidation, issue some relevant reports.
3. To review foreign exchange balance sheet and issue auditing reports.
4.Other audit , such as special auditing on net assets and profit distribution etc.

Verification of Capital Practices
To verify enterprise capital(including new capital, added and reduced capital ), and issue capital verification report.
Tax-related Verification Practice
1. To calculate, settle and check enterprise income tax;
2. To verify, settle and report land value-added tax;
3. Other verification and report related to special tax.
Financial Counsulting Service
1. To provide counseling services of accounting, taxation and enterprise management;
2. To review the legality、compliance、rationality of financial statements to improve the rate of accuracy;
3. To review relevance、conformity and rationality between financial statement and tax declaration form to lower the risk of tax inspection;
4. Under the circumstances of affiliate transaction of corporation, assess whether fixed price reasonable or transfer fixed price or risk of adjusting tax or not;
5. To assist enterprise to rationalize export rebates declaration and its related foreign exchange practices;
6.To assess the tax status of added value, added value rate, and income according to the actual operation, to assist the enterprise to optimize the tax cost;
7. To assist enterprise to set up financial management system;
8. To assist enterprise to establish financial statement;
9. To provide financial staff with follow-up training to increase their special skills;
10. To assist enterprise in setting up internal control system、review and assess integrity and effectiveness of internal control system;
11. When adding up new businesses and projects, we can propose some professional suggestions on the forecast and planning of accounting and tax to our clients, which will facilitate the company to control tax cost to the largest extent and create legitimate tax-saving benefits;
12. To guide or audit the tax-concerned contracts, agreements and terms according to enterprise’s need;
13. To assist the enterprise in solving other complicated management problems.

Characteristics and Advantages
As a professional team, we can provide professional and high qualified finance and tax services to our clients
The senior attorneys with knowledge of finance、tax、company management and law can participate at any time and guarantee that customer can get a series of comprehensive、detailed and highly efficient finance and tax services;
Staffs have flexible and practical operation experience in finance management and tax planning;
We have comprehensive social resource and can timely inform the current finance and tax situation which is sensitive、comprehensive and predictable;
Be reliable and trustworthy.

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