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PPD is the core department of Kingda specifically for non-litigation legal practice. Over years, PPD with a team of excellent legal professionals provides a variety of trustworthy, professional and high-efficient legal services and works closely with many domestic and international professional organizations and law firms.

[Features and Advantages]
Extensive practice experience
All our attorneys and paralegals have years of experience in legal services and are backed-up by an efficient continued learning and training system that allows our practitioners to update their knowledge and enhance their capabilities.

Diverse partners
Over years of collaboration, we have built close ties with a wide variety of professional institutions both locally and abroad, including law firms, patent agencies and secretary companies. This allows us to provide complete legal service solutions more quickly and professionally.

Combination of dedicated follow-up and teamwork
For each independent non-litigation project, we designate a person to prepare and establish a special file, and follow up on the development of the case. We are able to make the most of our valuable resources as a tool for our work. Meanwhile, when necessary we brainstorm legal solutions within our department and obtain assistance and support from other business departments.

[Key Practices]
I. Corporate and Investment Related Services
1. Incorporation and alteration of foreign ventures, preparation of feasibility study reports and legal documents such as articles of association and contracts, as well as  handling negotiations, service supervision and settlement of disputes;
2. Drafting investment contracts and articles of association, company incorporation, reorganization, change of registered capital, as well as liquidation, auction of assets and company credit investigation;
3. Application for qualification and approvals of real estate development;
4. Transfer of company equity, asset restructuring, property right deals, company mergers and acquisitions, reverse takeover and BOT operation, etc;
5. corporate affairs such as shareholding reform and public listing, provision of letters of legal opinion, preparation and review of legal documents;
6. counseling of domestic and international investment, projects;
7. legal affairs involving real estate transfer, development;
8. Establishment of operations outside main-land China.

II. Contract Related Services
1. negotiation with involved parties, investigation of contractual parties;
2. Draft, review, revise and notary various kinds of contracts .

III. Intellectual Property Related Services
1. handling patent application and maintenance, transfer and licensing in China and abroad as well as deal with patent infringement issues;
2. handling registration, renewal, transfer and licensing of various trademarks as well as in dealing with trademark infringement issues;
3. Protection of other types of intellectual property including copyrights, computer software copyrights, non-patent technical secrets, and trade secrets.

IV. Franchising Related Services
Establishment franchise system and drafting the related documents.

V. Other Non-litigation Services

[Success Stories]
PPD has successfully handled or is handling hundreds of investments and M&A projects including: Acquisition of Dongguan-based Miyazawa Metal Plastic Co., Ltd. For a Japanese enterprise, Dahuangzhou Bridge BOT project, Investment project of ASHLEY Furniture Industries Inc., Investment project of SUMIDA , Investment project of ATL, franchise project for DICKSON furniture, M&A and asset restructuring project of Hong Kong Zhidu Holdings Ltd., and more…
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